A Recovery Blog

This blog is about my continuing recovery from severe mental illness. I celebrate this recovery by continuing to write, by sharing my music and artwork and by exploring Buddhist ideas and concepts. I claim that the yin/yang symbol is representative of all of us because I have found that even in the midst of acute psychosis there is still sense, method and even a kind of balance. We are more resilient than we think. We can cross beyond the edge of the sane world and return to tell the tale. A deeper kind of balance takes hold when we get honest, when we reach out for help, when we tell our stories.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Untitled Acrylic Abstract Painting

I painted this 16" x 20" painting tonight.  It's been quite a while since I painted abstractly with acrylics.  This one came quickly.  I kept the palette simple.  After I had gotten a third of the way into the painting, I realized I needed a new perspective and so I pulled out a book of Kandinsky from my bookcase and opened it randomly here and there till I found a couple of paintings that I responded to.  I wanted to use bold, bright colors the way he did.  I appreciated how he varied his marks.  I let his visual voice wake me up a bit.  So he helped me to paint this painting.  I'm not sure what to call it.  I have to live with it, see what it looks like in daylight.
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