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This blog is about my continuing recovery from severe mental illness. I celebrate this recovery by continuing to write, by sharing my music and artwork and by exploring Buddhist ideas and concepts. I claim that the yin/yang symbol is representative of all of us because I have found that even in the midst of acute psychosis there is still sense, method and even a kind of balance. We are more resilient than we think. We can cross beyond the edge of the sane world and return to tell the tale. A deeper kind of balance takes hold when we get honest, when we reach out for help, when we tell our stories.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Poem: "Let Go and Let God"

Let Go and Let God

You and your lover have been together a long time
But you cannot be a god to her
And she cannot be a god to you;
You are both so small;
You each have your limitations.

If you love this woman beside you,
If you love yourself
Believe there is a Higher Power for her
And one for you, too.

Expect resistance from her and those around you
As you gradually learn to detach with love
From the responsibilities that are not yours to bear.
We learned to walk after falling many times.
Let her learn to walk.

You will fall as well
And as you crawl
And as you rise on a bended knee
And as you stand
You will see so much farther than now.

And so will she, if you let her,
Because there is a greater plan for you both
But you will not find it if you cling to illusions.
Let go and let God come into your small spaces
Into your hearts and minds, into your spirits.

Audio recording from SoundCloud
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